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Donna's research focuses on the development of new computational tools to improve the understanding of human-induced changes on natural systems and the way we make decisions about natural resources. In 1995, she co-founded a small Vermont business to help speed the diffusion of research and new technologies into environmental practice. Since joining UVM in fall 2002, she has worked on a number of computational approaches to multi-scale environmental problems, including using artificial neural networks to 1) develop maps of discrete spatially-distributed fields (e.g., log-hydraulic conductivity and soil lithology), 2) predict local disease risk indicators from multi-scale weather, land and crop data, 3) image and analyze the parameter structure of subcutaneous connective tissue in humans, 4) predict the shrink/swell of soils and 4) develop a watershed classification system using hierarchical artificial neural networks for diagnosing watershed impairment at multiple scales.

Contact Information
213 Votey Hall, 33 Colchester Ave, Burlington, VT 05405, United States

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Civil & Environmental Engineering

University of Vermont

M.S - Civil Engineering

University of California, Irvine

Art and Archeology

University of Florence, Italy

Civil Engineering (Honors College)

University of Connecticut, Storrs

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